Wednesday, May 18, 2011

News from the cardiologist

So, don't kill me.  I know how long it has been and I am so very sorry.  The PPD has seriously nearly taken over my life.  And while my doctor has given me medication, I have yet to take it.  Honestly, I am terrified of it and the research I have done on it doesn't make me feel much better about it.  Just suffice it to say that lately my life feels very empty.  I know that it is full, but I feel useless on most days.  I won't get into that right now, because I just wanted to give you a quick update from our Cardiologist appointment today.

Wyatt's weight is up to 15lbs 7oz!  YAH!!  It makes me so happy.  He is growing like a weed.  It's amazing.  He's in the 21 percentile for weight now.  It's like if you watch him for very long, you can see him growing before your very eyes!  It's incredible. 

Anyway, at the appointment they did an echo cardiogram to check his heart and stuff.  At birth Wyatt had narrowing of one of his arteries.  Honestly, I knew this, but with everything else, it somehow slipped my mind.  Anyway, he also had a hole in his heart.  Apparently this is the hole that every baby has.  The one that the baby gets blood from his/her mama from.  It should grow together within a few weeks, but Wyatt's had not as of a month old.

Today, we learned that at birth the narrowing of Wyatt's artery was at 13 and they like it to be below a 10.  However, today, it is at 7!!!  YAY!!  Great news.  Also, our doctor said that the hole was the size of a pin prick and was nothing to worry about.  She said that about 20% of the general population is walking around with this very same size of a hole in their hearts!  WOW!  She also said that she wants to see him at about 12 months old and if everything continues to look good, then there will be no need to see her, ever again! WOWZA!  That's incredible.  While I was never really worried about his heart, it is still one less doctor that we will have to see.  It's an incredible weight off of me. 

Also to update you, Wyatt has almost learned to roll all the way over.  While this may be delayed developmentally for most children his age, it's huge for us.  I think that if he were not on a ventilator with all of the crazy tubing, he would be all over the place.  His will to do things amazes me.  I know that all moms think their children are genius, but I know mine is.  His ability to learn things is astonishing.  You can show him things once and he gets it.  He loves to give you his hand to kiss or nibble (not with your teeth, but rather your lips over your teeth) his fingers.  We are still working on his smile, as it is once sided, but he smiles on the left side much more.  He has learned to talk with the trach.  At first it was just a noise here and there, but now it is incredible.  He has really learned how to talk around it.  It's so incredible for me.  I even got to hear him cry, which was so wonderful.  Have I mentioned that he got two teeth at 4 months?  Anyway, he has two teeth and I think he is getting another one.  I like to think that he is already an over achiever! 

Also, I ask that you pray for my sweet friend Belinda's son Trevor.  Trevor is 8 and was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and is in UK.  Her pictures of him always show a smile on his sweet face.  I know her struggle while living in the hospital and how how it feels to not be able to "fix" an illness our children face.  I think of them every single day and pray for them.  But, I just ask that you pray for and think of this family during this difficult time.

I promise I will finish a blog that I have started several times, but have failed to finish.  It talks so much about how depressed I am and I want to get that out.  PPD is nothing to scoff at.  It's seriously debilitating and I feel like if I talk about it I may feel better.  But, today is a great day and I just wanted to share our good news.  Below are a few recent pics of our angel that I want to share.

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