Friday, July 17, 2009

Giving this a whirl

So, this is my first blog!

I love to blog and felt inspired after reading a friends. I am often inspired by others by way of artistic outlets. Be it photography, singing or writing, I love the artistic side of myself! Ok, maybe some might not consider it "art", but I love feeling artistic. Maybe that's it. Maybe I just like to feel as though I am artistic. I love to express myself.

Anyway, welcome to my world. It's mainly uninteresting. It's sometimes wacky. It's generally mundane. But frankly, it's the only one I'm gonna get on earth so I gotta' make the best of it.

If you are following me, I will warn you, my writing is not good. It will be grammatically incorrect. It will probably have lots of misspelled words. But, that's who I am. Perfectly imperfect!

So, here we go........