Monday, August 31, 2009

All is right with the world?

Today, I love life. Is that an odd observation to make? I mean, most days I like life and some days I am frustrated with it. But today, I love it. I make this statement only to ask "All IS right with the world?"

We stumble through life with both moments of bliss and moments of melancholy. Sometimes the moments of bliss are often missed in the moments of melancholy. As of late, my moments of bliss have been triggered by nothing in particular. Maybe my favorite song on the radio or the warm sun on my skin. Today's bliss was triggered by a few things. First, I had the most magnificent weekend with my husband. We went to the drive-in movies on Saturday night to see a few 80's movies. Then Sunday, we "played house". We went to Lowe's to purchase a new lawn mower, then to the grocery. We didn't do anything spectacular or out of the ordinary, just nice "us" time. Today's bliss is also thanks in part to the weather. It seems that when the weather is nice, so am I. This is my favorite time of the year. From about Sept. 1 to Nov. something-another, I am generally in my happiest. The Fall of the year makes me smile. From the smell of the air, the sound of the leaves crunching under feet, I love the Fall. There is something so magical about it. I think a lot of that love goes back to Eastern KY. There can't be anywhere prettier than Eastern KY in the Fall.

I ask the question again "All IS right with the world?" I ask for one reason, is the proverbial other shoe about to drop? I mean, can we have the happiness without the tragedy? Can we? I have heard that you can't have the good times without the bad to remind you of the good. So I ask, is my "bad time" a'comin'? It scares me. I hate pondering if and when this "bad thing" is going to occur. Is that bad thing a lost parking place or worse? Is that bad thing as simple as a red light or worse? I dare not to recognize the possibilities.

So, for my fleeting brief moment of bliss, I will enjoy. I will enjoy the sun shining through the window, even if it is not from my office. I will smile it and thank God for it, for tomorrow it might vanish. I thank Him for the weekend I have shared with my true other half. I dream of the endless possibilities of future bliss.