Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, day 41

Let me begin by saying that as of today, we have now been here for 41 days and my baby is now 15 weeks old.  It seems so unreal!  Keep in mind that out of those 15 weeks, only 4 were spent at home.  Poor little guy.

Today has been an alright day.  Very early this morning they attempted a CPAP trial.  Needless to say, it did not go well.  But, I was hopeful, knowing that surgery was less than 24 hours prior and he was still in pain.  So the plan was  for the CPAP trials to last for an hour and then give 3 hours rest after.  To sum it up, they have progressively gotten better.  He is able to sustain his oxygen saturation and his respiration rate has continued to lower.  They have weaned him entirely off of the pain and sedative drips he was on, now only getting the meds every 4 hours and they aren't nearly as strong as the others were.  So, we are moving in the right direction, as slow as it may seem.  I can deal with slow as long as I see progress.

Unfortunately, I am sick.  I guess it was inevitable being in a hospital full of sick people for so long.  The Minute Clinic said it isn't strep, but I still have to wear a mask at all times in his room, which I am totally ok with.  So, last night, I slept, no joke, a total of an hour.  Trying to sleep in a mask is non conducive to an actual good nights sleep.  Not only is it claustrophobic, but I have a problem breathing in warm air, and the only air in a mask, is warm air!  UGH!  It was terrible.  But, lucky for me, my incredible mom came today to sit with me today.  Since she was here and I knew if a doctor needed to ask anything, she was here.  So, I had a nice, long nap. 

Not a lot to report today other than I am trying to stay hopeful.  But, it's hard at the same time not to be scared to be excited.  Scared that if you get your hopes up that it will hurt worse when something else has to be done.  But, my super great nurse, Beth (who we have had for the last 3 nights) reassures me that everything is moving in the right direction.  It's the incredible people like this that have helped me in all of this!

Things I am thankful for.

Nurses like Beth who help me keep positive.

My mommy.  Enough said.

Women's Day magazine and the scrumptious recipes contained therein.

Say Yes to the Dress.  Shhhh, don't tell Mike that Wyatt and I watch it together.


  1. Amanda I cannot get this to let me post. If you ever get them just know that I love you and pray for you each and every day. Several times. My heart understands how it is to have a sick child. You just keep the faith and know that we all love you and hope soon to hear the healing that we are all praying for. Love you and try to rest as much as you can.

  2. Oh and by the way Doodle is my grandma name. I am Helen to you or if you want to call me Doodle you can. Love you girl