Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sleep Room Accommodations

I just wanted to take a few moments to share my sleep room accommodations.

As you know from my previous postings, these rooms are a hot commodity around here.  Because we live so close and our boy isn't critical, getting one is a rarity.  However, I have been lucky that the last two (yes 2!!) nights that I have been able to sleep (and more importantly shower) in them.  I wanted you to see the accommodations first hand.  I will post more later as today has been an emotional roller coaster.

First of all, this is my bag of necessities.  It's amazing what you absolutely have to have to live on on a day to day basis.  What you can't see are my clothes, of course, hair dryer, a baseball hat (for those nasty hair days) hair ties and clips, shampoo and conditioner and body wash.  All in all, this is how I have been living for the last 2+ months. 

So this is the coveted sleep room.  Nothing special, but a nice, comfie (for the most part) and more importantly, clean, place to lay my head at night.

This is a view from the door looking into the room.  Yes, there is a television.  It plays all 8 channels the rest of the TV's play.  Please remember that we are in a children's hospital.  Now, imagine that over half of these channels are Disney or some other child related channel.  Quality viewing!

My own personal restroom (for the night).  It's clean and that's all that matters!

Now, for the Pièce de résistance, the shower...... wait for it......

Ahhhhh!  Isn't it wonderful?!?!  It is to me.  And even though the pressure isn't as good as I could hope for, it does get me clean.  These days, after playing with Wyatt and watching him smile, a shower is the best part of my day!

I just wanted to share these photos with you.  I needed you to share my enjoyment in the ever coveted sleep room.

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